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SA Property Sector pulls off Returns of 7.4% in H1 2014

Despite subdued economic growth, South African property sector maintained modest growth delivering a total return of 7.4% for the first six months in 2014, the IPD South Africa Biannual Property Indicator released on Friday showed. ... Full story

Retail Property maintains momentum despite subdued economic growth

When the going gets tough – the tough go shopping! This often used levity expression currently has a ring of truth to it as far as South Africa’s retail property market is concerned. ... Full story

Elections 2014 to have no Impact on SA's property business

IT is a sign of the increasing maturity of South Africa’s democracy and economy that the next general elections which are less than a hours away, have had no impact at all on the property markets and are unlikely to cause much of a ripple. ... Full story

Rode report sees few pockets of decent growth in property market rentals

Despite office vacancy rates that stubbornly refuse to drop, the growth in market rentals in some of South Africa’s top office nodes are showing decent growth, the latest issue of Rode’s Report on SA Property Market has asserted. ... Full story

SA’s Property Sector maintains a steady growth in 2013

The South African investment property sector maintained modest growth delivering a total return of 15.3% in 2013, the IPD South Africa Annual Property Index, released on Tuesday, showed. ... Full story

Cautious approach as South African Property Sector recovers

Investment Property Databank (IPD) intends to maintain a cautious approach ahead of its annual property index result announcement as the South African property sector finds its feet. ... Full story

Hazy outlook for SA’s Property Sector in 2014

In spite of our fragile economy facing further setbacks, the 2014 fortunes of South African property market inextricably lies on the country’s economy performance and other markets. ... Full story

SAPOA warns of Office Market under strain

The South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) sees 2014 outlook for Commercial Property sector with more development and diversification, although office market performance remains under pressure. ... Full story

Long road to recovery for SA Property Market

The weak performance on South Africa's property market continues as high prices, debt and tighter credit standards continue to deter buyers, according to the latest Rode's Report on SA Property Market. ... Full story

Johannesburg property markets’ competitive place in the Global economies

Global tenants and owner occupiers will get a chance to rate SA’s commercial and industrial property sectors against 46 world cities with the release of international brokerage firm CBRE’s latest research, which includes Johannesburg property markets. ... Full story

Capital growth, Solidifying Rental yield gives SA Property Sector a Boost

The South African commercial real estate market delivered an improved 9.2% total return for the six months to June 2013, according to the SAPOA / IPD South Africa Biannual Property Indicator report released today. ... Full story

South African Office Property Recovery Stays Slow

Although vacancies have reduced, the South African office property market continues to struggle due to slowing economic growth putting significant pressure on small and medium-sized businesses. ... Full story

S.Africa’s Commercial Property braces for Blue-chip Tenants

The performance of commercial properties in SA is highly dependant on the size and quality of tenants, given pedestrian economic growth and underpressure consumers, according to Paragon Lending Solutions CEO Gary Palmer. ... Full story

Trying times ahead for SA’s Property Industry

Given that South Africa’s property market movements are primarily sentiment-driven, it’s unlikely that the rest of 2013 will be a particularly comfortable period for most property stakeholders. ... Full story

Industrial rentals rising, but we’re not out of the woods yet says Rode

The South African Property Market reveals a modicum of good news for the industrial property market, according to property valuer and economist Erwin Rode of Rode & Associates. ... Full story

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