Property Sector Charter Council appoints its new Chairman

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It is a true honour to be elected and to have the confidence of the property sector, says Dr Sedise Moseneke. It is a true honour to be elected and to have the confidence of the property sector, says Dr Sedise Moseneke.

The SA REIT sector’s representative on the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC), Dr Sedise Moseneke, has been elected as the new Chairman of the PSCC.

The council is responsible for implementing transformation in the property sector.

Moseneke heads the SA REIT Association’s Property Sector Charter Committee and is Executive Director at JSE-listed SA REIT Vukile Property Fund, non-executive chairman of Encha Property Services and a past president of the South African Property Owners Association (Sapoa).

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“It is a true honour to be elected and to have the confidence of the property sector. It is a great privilege to follow property stalwart Saul Gumede, who has excelled as Chairman of the PSCC for the past decade. I am proud to serve and give back to an industry that has looked after me, and look forward to working with the council to continue to transform the property sector,” says Moseneke.

Andrea Taverna-Turisan, SA REIT Marketing Committee Chairman, comments, “Dr Moseneke’s service to the property sector and the country as a whole is another example of the SA REIT sector’s longstanding commitment to working with all stakeholders to drive transformation forward.”

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CEO of the Property Sector Charter Council, Portia Tau-Sekati reports, “We are pleased to confirm Dr Moseneke as Chairman of PSCC. He is a passionate and vocal proponent of transformation in South Africa and the property sector, and the ideal candidate to take the PSCC into the future.”

Moseneke notes that there is a misconception about transformation in the property sector that he hopes to help correct. “Despite perceptions to the contrary, much is being achieved by business and government transformation initiatives in the industry. Building on this with industry-based programmes will assist entrench transformation and make it systemic in the property sector,” he notes.

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To achieve this, and other council objectives, Moseneke sees scope for greater collaboration between the SA REIT sector, other private property stakeholders and the government on all its levels. “This collaboration should always be defined by good governance and ethics. We must be transparent and corruption-free in all interactions between the sector, government and its all its departments,” stresses Moseneke.

The PSCC will continue to issue its widely-referenced and respected research that shows the massive impact the sector has on the economy. “As an industry body, the council monitors and tracks transformation as well as providing a credible information about the sector. This research is vital for stakeholders who need to trust the sector is clean and committed before allocating funding and resources for further transformation, growing more small property businesses, and creating more skilled property professionals,” says Moseneke


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